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Manuscript submission

Before submitting

Before submitting, authors should check that their manuscript:

  • Adheres to copyright and ethics policies of journal publisher
  • Has been prepared correctly
  • Conforms to the journal’s guidelines
  • Has been checked by a native speaker or professional language-editing service (where necessary)
  • Correctly attributes all sources and that permission has been obtained for reuse of published material
  • Has received the consent of all authors before submission
For journals using offline submission

Manuscript submission by email is generally acceptable for journals that do not use any specific software. Authors should check individual journal’s instructions for authors for information on how to submit.

For queries or technical assistance, contact details for the editorial office are available in the journal’s individual instructions for authors.


Peer review

Once a manuscript is submitted, the editor will evaluate it on scope, presentation, academic, and language quality grounds. Manuscripts may be sent back to the author for technical revision or declined if the work is outside the journal’s scope or does not meet the required standard. Once a manuscript has been evaluated, the editor will send it to independent referees for peer review.

The evaluation and critique from reviewers allow the editor to assess the manuscript’s suitability for publication in the journal and provides authors with feedback to improve their work. The integrity of the peer-review process is upheld through the use of one of the following:

Single-blind review: the identity of the reviewers is not disclosed to the author.

Double-blind review: the identities of the reviewers and the authors are not disclosed to each other. The author is required to remove any information that may identify him or her as the author of the paper.

Open review: papers are made available for general comment before revision and publication. The identities of the authors and reviewers are disclosed.

Post-publication open review: comments are posted by readers and reviewers after the article has been published.

Single- or double-blind peer review are the most common type of review processes used. Authors should consult the journal’s instructions for authors for details about the peer-review process used.



Authors should revise their manuscript, fully addressing all the reviewers’ comments. A letter of response should be submitted with the manuscript justifying the changes made.

Authors submitting to journals should upload the following documents: 

  • Revised manuscript, as a Word document, containing the revised text, references, tables, and figure captions. PDF manuscripts are not accepted at this stage
  • All artwork as separate high-resolution files. Figures should not be embedded within the manuscript
  • Response to the reviewers’ comments
  • Assignment of Copyright form or equivalent licence, signed by the corresponding author

Email confirmation of the revised submission will be sent to the corresponding author. The manuscript reference number will be appended by an R1 (or R2, R3 depending on the stage in the revision process).

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