For authors.From the preparation to publication of your scientific manuscript

In this section, we collected and adapted the knowledge for research scientists all over the world to help them in fully understanding the ways of writing and publishing a scientific work in a journal included in the Scopus database and ESCI Web of Science. 

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the section materials starting from the document "Components of a Research Article" Guide”. From the document, you will learn information that must be included in your scientific work, methods in data structuring, the appropriate presentation of the results of your work and the transformation of your work into an informative and understandable manuscript for the journal's editorial board and your readers. With the consent of its authors, we provide an example of a scientific work for an international journal at the end of this section for your convenience.
After reading, we suggest visiting the section “English Editing & Proofreading of Scientific Manuscripts”. Experts in the field of writing scientific manuscripts will check the logical structure, formatting, language and overall quality of the work. This process will enable you to increase the chances of having your manuscript published and shorten the waiting time for a journal staff response.
When your work is ready for publication, you can proceed to a journal selection by using the section "List of journals from the Scopus database" or "List of journals from the ESCI WEB OF SCIENCE". You can also send your manuscript using the form of work submission, and then our specialists will carry out a journal selection independently.


Section 1. Writing a research paper. How to start?

  1. How to write a research paper for a foreign peer-reviewed journal?
  2. Sample paper for Scopus indexed journals

Section 2. Preparing the research paper for publishing

  1. Translation and editing of research papers
  2. Submission guidelines for Scopus journals 

Section 3. Selecting an academic journal

  1. List of Scopus journals

Section 4. Request for journal contacts

  • Use the form to request for the journal contacts on its page.