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The originality of a scientific paper should be authenticated before it can be submitted for consideration to an editorial board of a journal . Articles compiled from the pages hosted on the Internet are not copyrighted works and are rejected by publishers.

A manuscript submitted to a respectable journal will be carefully checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism, whether international or local, is considered a violation of ethical norms. Traces of plagiarism lead to automatic refusal. Moreover, plagiarism can affect your reputation as an author.

To avoid such situations, the ORES plagiarism test helps you to identify text in your manuscript that can be regarded as plagiarized. We use powerful plagiarism detection software to scan and check your text for originality. Then, we provide you with a report in which we indicate the presence of any similar problems.

We offer a quick check of originality for the texts submitted to scientific journals. Upload the text in our verification form and you will obtain the result within a few minutes. Go to our website for a quick text check.

For the most detailed and informative report, we offer you a review using professional tools for plagiarism detection. 

Plagiarism testing procedure 


Step 1

You send your manuscript to ORES or upload it through the checkout form

Step 2

We scan your manuscript for plagiarism 

Step 3

You receive a report that highlights potential plagiarized content and the links to the original text 
Our software:
  • is used by most influential journals
  • includes information on over 50 million documents
  • allows us to produce simple and understandable reports

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The plagiarism test service allows authors to know the exact percentage of original text in their written work. This procedure is performed using the search algorithms of our partner— iThenticate. Each article is checked against open sources, archives of scientific works, dissertations, and diploma projects. This comparison highlights what changes are necessary to enhance the originality of a paper.

We suggest you order a plagiarism test to receive a detailed report showing all the matches found and the links to original sources. Text should be submitted in English.

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15.00 $ / Article

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