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Scientific publications that should be reviewed by the editorial boards of journals from Scopus and Web of Science lists must meet certain qualifications. Only those works that meet a wide range of internationally accepted standards in the scientific world are published. Academic editing brings a scientific publication to qualify a set of standards. This service is especially in demand by authors for whom English is not native, as well as by novice researchers who take their first steps in the field of international scientific journalism.

In the course of editing, the corresponding edits are performed, as well as minor rephrasing and restructuring of the proposals without losing their original meaning. Thus, you can achieve a 100% readable paper that complies with modern rules and spelling standards. Furthermore, your work will be fully ready for submission to be published in an English-language journal.

Our experts occasionally reprocess up to 75% of the content in the process of editing a scientific work.

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Grammar Typography
Morphology, spelling, pragmatics, punctuation, semantics, syntax, word formation, stylistics, phonetics and phraseology. Marks, diacritical signs, titles, hierarchy, leading, headers and footers, red lines, hyphens, lists, tables and fonts.