"What are the ways to increase the chances of a scientific work being published in an international journal such as Scopus, Web of Science and others?"

This a question is often raised in appeals to our company. To answer, we have compiled a list of common causes of failure below:

  1. The author's work is poorly translated into English, and the journal reviewers from Scopus, Clarivate Analytics or any other database for scientific works cannot understand the content of the work and its potential scientific novelty. We recommend using a professional translation service to eliminate a drawback such as this. Learn more about it here
  2. The work has high-quality translation but an insufficient level of scientific content. The editorial boards of a foreign scientific journal must understand that the author’s reasoning and the solutions he/she proposed have a serious theoretical and practical basis on modern scientific research in their respective subject area.

The services from ORES will maximise your chances for publication in an international journal.

ORES specialises in editing services which help authors be published in influential world journals. Working with scientists around the world, we have sufficient experience to increase authors’ chances of having their scientific work published. Editing services are demanded by authors who plan an independent publication, have a prepared text of a scientific manuscript and want to improve its quality. The editing and analysis of your work are performed in many aspects, which may include either just a manuscript check by a reviewer indicating possible revisions or a manuscript edit handled by an expert, including the preparation of a quality certificate saying that the author can send the work for publication in a foreign journal.

Choose an appropriate treatment option for your research paper using the table below. You can also get an answer to your question at any time through the contact form.

PROVIDED SERVICES  Work with an expert  Copyediting  Paper quality checking    Sample report 
Manuscript check
  • The structure of sentences, text clarity, writing style
  • The sufficiency of data and the need to complement
  • The check of references and the need to add
  • General level of a scientific manuscript and recommendations for its improvement




Paper quality checking sample 

Grammar correction
  • Sentence structure, the selection of English words, clarity, structural conformity, style, pleonasms
  • Subject–predicate agreement, article use, spelling, tense form, prepositions, pronouns and determinants, adverbs and adjectives, definitive sentences
  • Commas, colons/semicolons, dashes, quote marks, apostrophes








Sample for сopy editing

Writing style editing
  • Capital letters, hyphenation, headings, numbering style, abbreviations, American/British English
  • An appropriate type of quotations, the corresponding style of endnotes, cross-references in the main text and references
  • Data consistency, cross-references in the main text and illustrations/tables







Logical consistency
  • Reorganisation, expansion or summary of sections
  • Improved logical consistency between sentences and paragraphs
  • Cross check of section relevance and availability






Refinement of content and elimination of reviewers' comments
  • Work with reviewers' comments after the review of the manuscript by journal experts
  • Check clarity of scientific work presentation
  • Elimination of repetitions and redundancy in a text
  • Check for the existence of gaps in structure and refinement
  • Reference refinement and clarification







Delivery and Pricing

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Service name Terms Price Place order
Paper quality checking
3-5 business days Free Place order
5-7 business days 0.02 $ / Words Place order
Work with an expert
order individual service order individual service Place order
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