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Paper improvement

In most cases, insufficiently detailed descriptions of some nuances, superficial disclosure of key moments of the research subject, and/or insignificant errors in calculations are the causes of failure to have the research text published. Through cooperation with our editors, you will be able to prepare an article for submission to magazines with high rates by eliminating the defects that reduce your chances for publication.

The article follow-up revision service is relevant for researchers whose scientific work needs final improvement before being submitted to an editorial board of the English-language journal. The editors of scientific platform ORES bring the text to perfection in four stages:

  • Research scope study
  • Reference list analysis
  • Drawing up the report that indicates weak points of the work, lack of data, phrasing inaccuracies, etc.
  • Bringing the article to a higher level with participation from the author/s

During the completion of the follow-up revision, the customer will receive an additional report on the iThenticate system for scientific texts in English check used by formidable journals. As a result, you will be confident that your work is unique. Moreover, the manuscript will completely conform to all international standards for English-language scientific articles.

Sample for paper improvement is attached here .

To quickly assess whether your article requires a follow-up revision, we recommend ordering the express audit of the article here.

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