The “Guidelines on the article submission to the journal of the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC) List” as below are generally acknowledged though they may vary at the wish of the editorial office of a particular journal.

Artilce submission

Authors should submit Word or rich-text files by the Online Manuscript Submission System or by using the publisher's email if available.


Cover documents
  1. The author’s references to each author in the MS Word format.
  2. The external review of a doctor of sciences in the article research area affixed with a seal of the place of the reviewer employment (in the scanned form). The post-graduates may submit as an external review a report signed by the thesis advisor and certified at the place of employment.
  3. A copy of the payment order (in the scanned form) for editorial services – scientific review.
  4. For the full-time post-graduates: the post-graduate status shall be confirmed by a certificate of the doctoral degree studies certified by the signature of the head of organization and the seal (in the scanned form).
Common guidelines for manuscripts

At the beginning of an article the following is specified with the center alignment and a new paragraph:

  • Number according to the Universal decimal classification (UDC)
  • Title of the article (in lower-case letters)
  • Author’s initials and family name
  • Name of the organization at which the work was performed (of the first author)
  • Brief abstract (300-500 printed characters)
  • Keywords (3 - 5).

Further after two spaces in the same sequence the information is provided in English.

An article should contain the following chpaters:

  • brief introduction
  • research objective
  • research materials and methods
  • results and discussion
  • conclusions
  • summary
  • references list in Russian and English both.
Additional requirements for the manuscripts
Word processor Microsoft Word
Fields head and foot - 2 cm, left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm
Base font Times New Roman
Body size 14 points
Line space single
Text justification full
Automatic hyphenation disabled
Paragraph intend (intended line) 1,25 cm
Page numbering not numbered
Figures embedded into the text. Each figure shall followed by a caption (below the figure)
References to the literature in the square brackets [1,2] according to the attached list of references arranged in alphabetical order
Length up to 20 pages
Format of the list of references GOST R 7.05-2008 


Authors information requirements

In addition to the version of the paper the file containing information about the author (authors) shall be attachedIn addition to the version of the paper the file containing information about the author (authors) shall be attached

  • Author’s name, patronymics and surname (in full)     
  • Academic degree, title     
  • Position     
  • Place of work or study     
  • E-mail address    

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