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Our staff includes 457 experts from 49 countries with more than 15 years of experience. Approximately 65% of the experts are native English speakers, 92% have a doctoral degree and 8% have a master’s degree. In total, our experts provide more than 30 services, helping authors unleash the potential of their scientific work and increase the chances of publication in international publishing houses.

Experts translate, check for plagiarism, conduct an express audit, edit and select magazines. They look for co-authors, transliterate, submit articles for publication, review, fill out grant applications, solve copyright issues, increase views, help create a career in academia, advice on financing and act as mentors.

The key qualities of our experts are professionalism and experience. We receive many requests for inclusion in our roster of experts. However, we accept only professionals with established experience—we refuse beginners. All our editors have an academic degree. Each editor is tested to ensure that they are properly trained. We also constantly monitor the skills development of our experts.

Do not waste time and effort. Trust our experts and increase your publication chances.

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Фамилия и имя Страна Ученая степень
Dr. Josh Pennington US PhD
Dr. Marieke Krijnen NL
Dr. Murray Hay CA PhD
Rosalyn Johnson CA PhD
Carville G. III Bevans DE PhD
Laurence Frank NL PhD

Amongst all specialists, we selected the best and asked them briefly talk about their experience, specialisation and their services offered. If you prefer a specific expert, you can indicate his/her name when filling out your application.

Thank you for your cooperation with our experts. Thousands of authors from different countries were able to take their rightful place in the global scientific community. Join us!

The data are based on successful applications for the period 2016–2018.

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