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The scientific platform "ORES" is a global service that supports scientists from CIS and Asia. We provide scientists and researchers with comprehensive assistance for the preparation and publication of scientific articles in prestigious international journals. We help authors reach a global level, become part of the international scientific environment, expand the boundaries of scientific activity, reveal their potential and gain recognition.

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Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. 

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How Does It Work?

For 10 years, we have helped thousands of authors. Approximately 87% of the tasks are aimed at preparing scientific papers for publication in international indexed journals. The tasks are carried out by our experts—specialists with a high professional level: editors, translators, reviewers and proofreaders. All of them are masters, doctors of sciences, professors and publishers of journals. We find the right specialist with the right expertise for each task. As a result, authors’ chances of publication increase to 90%.

An order fulfilment includes seven stages: service selection, application execution, task specification, candidate selection, executor selection, task completion and result delivery.

Key points:

  • We work with beginners and known authors, and we customise solutions for each their objectives.
  • We accept manuscripts regardless of their complexity, including those that require highly specialised skills and knowledge of special terminology.
  • We work in the legal field, reinforcing the quality, terms and security with the agreement between the platform and the author.

Over the years, we have tried to perfect all the processes. Today, they work seamlessly. Each stage is formulated and strictly regulated. Thus, even non-standard orders are promptly and timely executed.

The average time to complete a standard task involving seven stages is 12 days.

1. Service Selection

Turning to us, the author can access a wide range of services performed by world-class experts. Each service is described in detail, including prices, terms, subtleties, and pitfalls.

The popular services among novice authors are auditing, editing, and cooperation with an expert.

2. Drawing-up Your Application

The author places his/her order after choosing a service. The order form, which can be filled out in two minutes, is present on all site pages. The author indicates a comprehensive information about the nature of the upcoming work, and the cost is provided in the filled-out form.

The downloaded paper is only available to our specialists as we adhere to a strict security policy.

3. Specifying Your Task

After you have placed your order, our manager will contact you. You will then receive a welcome letter, and questions will be asked. During the dialogue, the task will be specified. Your goals as author will be clarified, and you may provide a list of requirements for the results to be further developed.

Our managers work solely in the interests of authors and clarify all the nuances for the step-by-step success.

4. Application for Experts

Our manager places an application with a detailed description of the task. Experts respond to it by offering their candidacy as performers. Our manager studies data from each candidate and conducts interviews with them.

In our database, we have 457 experts with more than 15 years of experience from 49 countries. Our managers are knowledgeable about selecting the right one to work on your paper.

5. Performer Selection

Analyzing dozens of parameters, the manager selects the appropriate expert. Only experienced specialists with a high level of training and extensive knowledge in the required subject area are considered.

Our managers are fluent in English and negotiate with an expert on your behalf.

6. Task Execution

Our manager transfers the task to the selected expert, explains the requirements, clarifies the nuances, and controls the implementation. With a well-established management, each task receives a high priority and is carried out efficiently.

You can pay for the work at the stage of drawing up your application or after the expert was selected.

7. Delivery of Results

Our manager sends the results back to the author, attaches a detailed report on the work performed, and provides advice on how to proceed. The author is happy when an excellent result is received, time is saved, and the chances of publication are increased.

For three years, we have helped 2,375 authors to take a worthy place in the global scientific community.

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I am preparing my paper for its publication in a foreign academic periodical. I must present it in accordance with international standards.

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We assist authors in going through all the publication stages. Please select the needed service.

I help authors from Russia and CIS countries to improve their papers to perfection and realize their research potential.

Sweden, Stockholm
PhD, 9 services, 3 languages
15 years, 895 tasks

I revise scientific papers in a clear, concise, and fascinating manner, thereby providing them with significance, scientific weight, and influence.

Iran, Mashhad
LLM, 7 services, 4 languages
12 years, 265 tasks

I qualitatively edit papers that cover a wide range of scientific topics. For 10 years, I have improved more than 15,000 papers.

Canada, Toronto
BSN, 5 services, 2 languages
10 years, 456 tasks

We know what authors need

Every scientist wants to realise their potential and convert the funds spent on research into career prospects, scholarships, grants, recognition and fame. The ORES platform helps achieve these goals. With our platform, authors become part of the international scientific community and have the opportunity to radically influence people’s lives through their research. We are convinced that the voice of each author must be heard.

We firmly believe that the voice of every author should be heard. The key activity of the platform is 100% focused on authors. The platform is entirely focused on authors.


  • Caring: we identify authors’ objectives and methodically lead them to achieve their goals.
  • Transparency: we have created a convenient ordering system with a detailed costing of all its components.
  • Ethics: we sincerely value our reputation and offer only what we are sure of.

I appealed twice to the international organisation ORES, and I am very pleased...

Aysen Kinan Sert, Turkey
July 27, 2019

Get information about our services, choose the type of service you need, fill in an application, interact with the best experts and achieve your goals. You will succeed!

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