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English Editing & Proofreading of Scientific Manuscripts

How to get more chance to publish your scientific paper in a Scopus list journal?

Our company is often asked about this matter in the CIS countries. The mentioned question is conditioned by a very large number of refusals to publish research papers on the part of editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals abroad. The following causes of refusal are quite common:  

1) An author’s paper translation into English is of poor quality which results in the situation when reviewers of a journal from the Scopus, Thomson Reuters or DOAJ list or from any other expert system for scientific papers publication can not understand the basic content of the paper and therefore its potential scientific novelty.

Do you need a professional translation of your scientific paper? Please contact us.

2) A work is well-translated but has an insufficient level of scientific content. It is important that editorial boards of a foreign scientific journal could see that the author’s arguments and solutions offered by the same have serious theoretical and practical background and are based on up-to-date academic pursuits  existing in this area of expertize.  

Academic English Editing services can improve the chances of publishing a scientific paper abroad in the both cases. Prescopus (TM) Russia offers 2 levels of the Academic English Editing services for authors and will also assist in submission of manuscripts for acceptance for publication by journals with high impact factor (SCI / SSCI) among any academic journals at your option.

Editing and analysis of your paper involves many aspects, the cost varies from 3 000 rubles (in the case of an express audit) up to 15 000 (with a complete package of services inclusive of preparation of a quality certificate which can be attached by an author to a paper which will be sent for publication in a foreign journal).

This service is in demand for those authors who plan independent publishing, have a prepared text of a scientific article and want to improve its quality. 

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