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For authors.From the preparation to publication of your scientific manuscript

This chapter collects and adapts knowledge for research scientists from CIS countries to help you understand in detail how to write and publish a research paper in journals recommended by SAC of Russia and Scopus journals. 

We recommend beginning by studying the materials in this chapter, specifically the document “How to write a research paper for a foreign peer-reviewed journal?” With the help of this document, you will find out which sections to include in your paper, how to structure your paper, and how to present the results of your work in the most informative and clearest way not only for the editorial board of your target journal but also for your readers. For your convenience, we provide at the end of the unit samples of research papers for SAC and Scopus journals. They are reproduced here with the authors’ consent.
After reading this document, we suggest visiting the section “Preparing the research paper for publishing.” This section contains information on the translation of research papers, guidelines on the execution of papers submitted to SAC journals, and guidelines on the execution of papers submitted to Scopus journals. 
As soon as your paper is maximally ready for publishing, you may go on to the selection of a journal. For this purpose, you should use the section “List of SAC journals for the years 2018” or “List of journals from the Scopus database.” Here you will find the additional information regarding journal selected to let you make a decision about further actions.

Unit 1. Writing a research paper. How to start? 
Unit 2. Preparing the research paper for publishing
Unit 3. Selecting an academic journal
Unit 4. Submitting the research paper
  • Use the submission form at the bottom of the page or on the page of the journal that is of interest to you

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