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In most cases, experts refuse to publish some texts of a study because of an insufficiently detailed description of some nuances, superficial disclosure of key points of the studied topic, or due to minor errors in some calculations. In cooperating with our editors, you will be able to submit an article to popular journals after the elimination of the shortcomings that reduce the publication chances.

Platform ORES is a Peerwith ( partner in the CIS and Asia. As the intellectual platform for researchers, Peerwith brings together scientists and experts from around the world to collaborate and improve the quality of academic work. Peerwith promotes science throughout the world by mailing direct contacts between researchers and international experts to aid in the enhancement of the quality of their academic work. Peerwith experts are highly respected and charge a fair fee for the services adapted to individual requirements.

The services available to the researchers working with Peerwith experts include:

  Language and editing
Experts look critically at your manuscript, whether a journal article, book, or grant proposal.

  Data and statistics
Thoroughly check your research with the help of mathematical and statistical experts.

  Career and funding
Get help in your research career or funding issues from peers.

  Copy editing
Save time by letting experts format your research to the required publication standards.

  Publication support
Connect with our publication consultants who can help your article get published.

  Grant proposal support
Connect with experts in grant proposal writing.

  Scientific editing
Find an expert within your field of study to look critically at the language as well as the academic content of your research.

  Indexing services
Choose from our professional indexers with the right expertise and background suited to your work.

  Figure editing
Professionalize your illustrations, images, posters, and presentations to increase the impact of your research.

  Promotion services
Increase the visibility of your work by seeking help from a promotion expert.

 Service provision procedure

  1. Your personal manager posts an application on the Peerwith platform with an accurate description of your required service.
  2. We select the best offers from platform experts, drawing up a report on implementation terms, information about the expert, and the service cost.
  3. You choose a suitable offer and process the payment.
  4. A personal manager informs you about the results of the performed work.

You can learn more and get help from Peerwith experts by sending a request according to the form below.

NOTE! This service is available for works in English intended for publication in international indexed journals. Translation service is available here.
If you are not sure about the need to work with experts, order a preliminary express audit.This service is available here.


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You also can select...

  • Journal selection service Create a list of profile journals that best fit your scientific work.
  • Paper quality checking After the audit, you will receive a detailed report on your work together with recommendations for its refinement.
  • Translation service We offer translation into English performed by experts with over 10 years’ expertise providing full compliance with high standards.
  • Plagiarism checking Compare billions of documents in order to find duplicated text in assignments, websites and more.
  • Copyediting Copyediting is for improving the writing quality (no typo, grammatical correct) as well as content with support of your subject area expert.
  • Work with an expert Service aimed to improve the quality of the paper (adding links to similar researches, significant modification of the paper content).

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