Special standards are applied to articles accepted for editorial board consideration from the lists of Scopus, Web of Science, etc. Only the articles that satisfy the international scientific standards are admitted for publication. These criteria are the very reasons why an academic editing service is often offered to non-English speakers and beginner researchers worldwide.

Our foreign editors will check and thoroughly edit the scientific work according to the following seven key criteria:

  1. Grammar
  2. Punctuation
  3. Sentence structure
  4. Article logical structure
  5. Keyword compliance
  6. Tense congruence
  7. Necessity of comments for modifications and improvements

During editing, corresponding modifications and light paraphrasing and sentence restructuring with no loss of the intended meaning are applied. As a result, you receive a readable manuscript that accurately meets all modern standards and spelling rules. Now your paper is ready to be published in the English-language journal.

Sample for сopy editing is attached here .

If you are not sure of the need to edit and complete the text of your research, please order a preliminary express audit. This service is available here.

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