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Prescopus (TM) Russia  offers a comprehensive publishing service to scholarly societies, universities, and professional associations that wish to outsource their journal's management or change their current arrangements, yet retain editorial control and ownership. Within such a service, full financial management, production, and marketing services are offered, including subscription management and mailing. Our online journals are hosted on industry-standard platforms, we deploy a wide range of publishing technologies for peer review and production management. Prescopus (TM) Russia has an ethos of personal service and attention from dedicated publishing teams with extensive professional and academic backgrounds in their subjects. Are you interested to learn more about Prescopus (TM) Russia and how you could work with us?

Our online publishing objectives

Online publishing with Prescopus (TM) Russia has several well-defined objectives: 

  • To create value-added subscriptions to achieve greater international dissemination through our sales and licensing channels
  • To make content widely discoverable and then easily accessible to readers
  • To promote and report measurable impact
  • To adapt and innovate our publishing formats in response to changing requirements, media, and devices
  • To provide an easily navigable, richly featured interface that will enhance users’ experience 

Features of our online journal content are:

  • Printable PDF and searchable HTML formats
  • Current papers supported by extensive archives
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) that are registered and assigned by Prescopus (TM) Russia
  • Article-by-article publishing online ahead of print
  • Tools designed for discoverability and to encourage citations such as:
  • CrossRef reference linking (both to and from) articles
  • Table of Contents (ToC) alerts and RSS feeds
  • Search engine optimization and specifically Google search extension
  • Inclusion in Summon, Primo Central and EBSCO Discovery Service which are library search services
  • Bookmarking options for sites such as, CiteUlike and Connotea
  • Bibliographic information that can be downloaded to a range of citation managers, e.g. 
  • EndNote, BibTex
  • Easy upload of supplementary data (e.g. audio or video files, animations, software, models or large datasets) with an article, and visibility alongside or within text
  • Industry standard (COUNTER) compliant online usage (including pay-per-view, citations and downloads, and Google Analytics) for reporting and market analysis
  • Focus on the customer experience with single sign-on and automatic activation upon purchase
  • Increased visibility through mobile devices for access on the go
  • Guaranteed future access to all content through participation in digital preservation services of Portico, LOCKSS, and CLOCKSS 
Content management and print production

The production process

  • Copy-editing 
  • Typesetting 
  • Printing, binding, and mailing 
  • Online file delivery and hosting
  • Assignment of copyright 
  • Proofing to authors and editors
  • Correction collation and quality checks 

It is our primary aim to make the actual process of publishing articles and issues as smooth and as timely as possible. Each editor and authors are supported by a designated production editor who remains Prescopus (TM) Russia contact for all of the production aspects of the journal. The great majority of Prescopus (TM) Russia  journals are published in print as well as online, as most of our subscribers require both, although we also offer an online-only option.

A Prescopus (TM) Russia -produced journal will stand out from its competitors and benefits from: 
  • A workflow matched to the copy flow and publication requirements of the journal in order to maximize efficiencies throughout the production process.
  • The option to utilize our preferred peer review system, which is fully integrated into the production process. 
  • An article-published-online-ahead-of-issue workflow option, maximizing the citation window. 
  • Production management, innovation, and careful schedule handling which continues to drive down turnaround times with our suppliers.
  • Professionally-designed text formats created to optimize reader experience in print and on-screen. 
  • Online hosting in both PDF and HTML full-text formats, allowing the online user a choice in reader experience and navigability of content. 
  • Well-established, quality-accredited suppliers. 
  • Printing and distribution based in CIS to meet clients’ needs 
  • Online image reproduction in color, with full or partial printed color options


Editor and author services
Prescopus (TM) Russia delivers personalised service to authors, editors, societies, readers and libraries for the publishing and international dissemination of high quality, peer-reviewed scholarship and research. Specialising in print and electronic journal publishing, Prescopus (TM) Russia is committed to technical and editorial innovation combined with traditional values of quality and collaboration: 
  • Access to databases (e.g., Web of Science, including the Journal Citation Reports, Scopus, and SCImago) that can inform decisions on the abundance, or otherwise, of papers in emerging fields of science, the likely impact of reviews, special issues, and commissioned papers.
  • Responsibility for submissions to Web of Science, Medline, Scopus, CINAHL, and other abstracting and indexing services.

Should you have any further questions regarding the publication with Prescopus (TM), please, do not hesitate to contact us by the form below  .

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