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The scientific platform “ORiginal RESearch” (ORES), is an international company that was created to support scientists from developing CIS and Asian countries. Our goal is to help each researcher to take a worthy place in the world scientific community. ORES experts will help in improving the text of your research meet international standards.

All resources are on one site that is specially developed for authors of scientific works.

ORES provides a unique set of all basic tools for the scientists of different levels — doctors and candidates of science, graduate students, and other scientists. We highlight six main advantages:
  1. This platform serves as a single scientific platform for scientists around the world.
  2. This platform serves as a reference for thousands of scientific journals included in the most authoritative databases — Scopus and Web of Science.
  3. This platform provides assistance of experienced translators and editors and prepares the articles for publication.
  4. This platform provides a convenient and quick search of scientific journals, co-authors, and experts in any field of modern science.
  5. This platform provides an online verification of article uniqueness and many other possibilities to make your work popular.
ORES Platform provides professional translation, thorough check on plagiarism, accurate editing, and extensive contacts to help you realize your scientific potential! Read more about all the services you can use in the section “For authors.”

The global cooperation based on ORES is the opportunity to use the world’s best practices.

ORES actively collaborates with related scientific projects. For example, our partners Peerwith help refine articles by considering all international standards and even the unspoken wishes proposed by foreign academicians and editors. Consequently, the chance to be published in cited international journals increases significantly.
Be a part of ORES, and take advantage of all the privileges expressed in our motto:

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