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European journal of law and political sciences

ISSN: 23105712

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About journal
2015 номер 1 статей 32 номер 2 статей 10 On the definition of electronic administrative regulation Shcherbinina Natalya Nikolayevna Something about the process leading up to the contract on supply for state and municipal needs Grigoryan Lyubov Mikhaelovna Тriad property Yeraly Abdikarim Definition and legal status of producers’ cooperatives Tlebaeva Gulmira Manatovna, Pzabai Aktoty Ismailovna, Abiltaev Ermura Effect of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights on the national laws of Member States of the Council of Europe Malkov Artur Vladimirovich The Soviet state of the policy period of “perestroika” Ivannikov Ivan Andreevich Phenomenon of rescuing victims of nazi regime under the Holocaust Stets Oleg Nicolaevich, Kovtun Alexander Igorevich Ban on hijabs in Russian schools: traditional values and the realization of the right to education Semenova Nataliya Sergeevna Police crisis negotiations in the UK and the USA: comparative analysis Koshkina Ekaterina The idea of Europe as a nodal point of the Albanian ideology Qori Arlind The Eurozone сrisis and European identity Wang Wan Regionalization in Europe: view through the prism of theoretic concepts Makovskyy Sergiy Olegovich Features of legal regulation of relations on guardianship Kazakhstan Tlebaeva Gulmira Manatovna, Turgunbek Gulnur Rapilbekovna, Nalekova Arailim Beibitovna Some questions of legislative providing of functioning of rural medicine in the USSR in 1920-1930 Turchina Mariia Olegovna Some legal aspects of personal injury according to criminal law Aratuly Kuanysh , Tazhimbet Dominik Cruelty to animals in Kazakhstan: moral and legislative aspects Ahmetov Roman , Baysalov Aly Dzhumamuratovich, Rahymova Gakku Nurlanovna The problems of fighting against terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan Abdrashev Ruslan Murathanovich, Baimagambetova Zulfiya Mazhitovna, Seralieva Aliya Mazhitovna Procedural activity of the court in adversarial criminal proceedings Bersugurova Laziza Shaltayevna, Baydalina Meruert “fight” or “mechanism to counter” Dzhansarayeva Rima Yerenatovna Judges — carriers of the judiciary, legal status and legal regulation Duzbayeva Saltanat Bolatbekovna, Alimzhanova Malika , Bayshuakov Aydos The discretion of a law enforcement official exemption from punishment in connection with the change of situation Efremova Irina Alexeevna Criminal-legal nature of exemption from punishment in connection with the lapse of time of conviction court of the Russian criminal law Efremova Irina Alexeevna Practice and the legitmate use of rehabilited grounds for termination criminal case Jetibaev Nurbol Satybaldyevich, Kamalova J. , Bazargalyev Nurbulan Some issues of execution of criminal punishment in the form of a fine Malykova Sholpan Baltabekovna, Akpaeva Nurlytan Realization of the right to personal integrity in the application of coercive procedural measures Mukhamadyeva Gulzhan Nusupzhanovna, Bayndyna Maynur Okanovna, Baybek Marya Handwriting of the person and «Graphology» Satybaldynov Dzhambul Duysebaevich, Meyramgaly Nuraly Sungatovich, Begazova Gulnapisa Zhandarovna Some legal, theoretical, social and economic preconditions of developments of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan Akimzhanov Тalgat Кurmanovich, Seralieva Aliya Mazhitovna Importance of international partnership in prevention of international crime Sovetkali Yernur , Baysalov Aly Dzhumamuratovich Problem of the expansion of judicial control at the pre-trial stage of criminal proceedings Chazhabaeva Aynur Bakytkaliyevna, Mukhamadyeva Gulzhan Nusupzhanovna Procedural status of victim in criminal proceedings Sharipova Asel Bostanovna, Tairov Zairzhan Adilzhanovich Use of innovative technologies in criminalistics Shopabaev Batyr Abenovich, Kenesov Zhandos The measures against tax havens and unfair tax competition Bažantová Ilona
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