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A. V. Kirichek1, A. G. Ivakhnenko1, Е.О. Ivakhnenko2, A. Y. Altukhov1

1 FGBOUVPO “Southwestern State University”, 50 let Oktyabrya Str., 94, 305040 Kursk, Russia

2 Kursk branch of the FGOBU VPO “Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation”, Lomonosova Str., 3, 305016 Kursk, Russia


The impact of the geometric errors of the strut-type structure mechanisms on the accuracy of the metal-cutting machines has been considered. The dependences for correction of errors of such mechanisms and improvement of the geometric accuracy of machines have been obtained.


Keywords: geometric accuracy, metal-cutting machine, parallel mechanism, correction


  1. Introduction

The main property of the metal-cutting machines and systems is their accuracy that has a direct effect on the accuracy of the part cutting (processing) [1]. Among the various kinds of errors the geometric ones are inherent to all machines under any operational modes and conditions.

Improving accuracy of the metal-cutting machines is related both to the increase in accuracy of separate components thereof and search for the new structural solutions, i. e., arrangement thereof. Searching for such solutions is related both to the conventional arrangements and application in the machines of the parallel mechanisms as well as combination thereof – hybrid layout. The basis of this paper is the variational method of estimation of the machine accuracy [1] based on the analysis of their forming systems. The development of the forming systems structures represented in [1] where processing of a single piece is performed by one cutting tool are the structures represented in the Figure.

  1. Setting up the problem
  1. Analysis of impact of the strut-structure mechanism on the machine accuracy
  1. Conclusion

The impact of the geometric errors of the strut-type structure mechanisms used in the metal-cutting machines on the piece processing accuracy has been considered in the paper. The equation for elimination (reduction) of impact of the geometric errors on the processing accuracy has been derived. It has been shown that the results obtained are of common nature and may be applied to the machines with different parallel mechanisms.


The study is performed within the frameworks of the state assignment of the Ministry of Education of Russia No. 2014/78, project code 1955.


List of References


1. Reshetov D.N., Portman V.T., Accuracy of Machine Tools, ASME Press, NY, 1988, 304 pp.

2. Ivakhnenko A.G. Conceptual design of metal-cutting systems. Structural synthesis, Khabarovsk state technical university, Khabarovsk, 1998, 124 pp.

3. Ivakhnenko A. G., Podlenko O. N. Accuracy of shaping on hexapods, Russian Engineering Research, 2007, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp. 896-900.



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